What Exactly is Time Management?

You know how all of a sudden you have a test tomorrow and you haven’t even started studying? Well, it happens…but what can you do to better manage your time while in college? Here are 7 time management tips that will help you as a college student.

  • Schedule Work Time.Estimate realistically how much time you will need to accomplish each task. Allow extra time for unforeseen disasters. Planning and not procrastinating will allow you to successfully finish and obtain positive results.
  • You need time off. An energized student gets the better grade.
  • A higher performing mind needs a fit body. Strenuous exercise relaxes the entire body and promotes positive feelings.
  • Prepare Floating Tasks.Have tasks at hand just in case you have some free time. Time spent standing in the Financial Aid line can be made more productive if you are carrying a book that you need to read, some cards to review or a letter that you need to write.
  • Life at times can be very difficult and unforeseen things can happen. During the hard times, just survive until things get better. They always do.

Learn to be Flexible:

  • Try a different way. If it’s not working, analyze the situation and come up with a better solution. Doing it differently often helps to do a task more effectively.
  • When all else fails, walk away.There is nothing wrong with accepting your limitations. Strengthen your skills in that area and then try it again.

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