5 Reasons To Grow Out Your Mustache This November

Have you recently noticed people wearing fake mustaches or growing out and styling their mustaches? Well that means that Movember is finally here!

Movember is an annual event during the month of November (every November…get it Movember?) that raises awareness on men’s health issues such as sexual health, prostate or testicular cancer, and mental health issues. Every November we aim to educate men on health issues so we can increase early detection of health problems, so doctors can begin treatment.

Isn’t Women’s Health Just as Important?

Absolutely! Women’s health issues are just as important, but did you know that compared to women, men are more likely to:

So What Can You Do?

Read these 5 tips how to lower your risk for health problems and tell all your friends (male or female!):

  • Ask about your family medical history. Ask what diseases your parents, grandparent, great parents etc., have had. Once you find out, make a list, and tell your doctor. The doctor then can develop a plan with you to reduce your risk.
  • Get screened! When you hear the word “screening”, you may think of screening for physical health issues. But don’t forget, people can also have mental health issues as well such as depression or anxiety. If you get screened for physical health or mental health issues, the doctors can diagnosis problems early and begin treatment. We understand that screening is scary…but everyone has do it. Don’t put it off.
  • Make Healthy Lifestyle Choices. This means don’t smoke, we know it’s hard to kick the habit, so we offer free smoking cessation courses. What else can you do to make healthy lifestyle choices?
    • Exercise regularly (i.e., yoga, spinning, kickboxing)
    • Drink water instead of soda
    • Reduce your salt intake (sodium)
    • Skip on the fast food and eat healthy foods!
  • Brush your teeth! I know this is what your parents told you when you were little and it may sound silly. But did you know brushing your teeth with fluoride toothpaste 2x a day for 2 minutes can fight off plague, which contributes to not only gum disease and tooth decay, but also serious heart problems like heart disease!

Owls Care Health Promotion is sponsoring a series of Movember events on campus, if you want to be the first to know about our events follow us on Twitter and “Like” us on Facebook


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