Are You Ready For The Great American Smokeout?

Join thousands of other Americans and quit smoking on Thursday, November 20th during the Great American Smokeout. November 20th is your day to create a plan to quit or quit smoking all together!

Did you know quitting for good normally takes multiple attempts! So if you tried to quit before and it didn’t work, it’s OK. It’s normal, it takes a few tries.  So set a new quit date and try again.

So why is it so hard to quit?

Well it’s the addictive qualities in nicotine that make people keep buying cigarettes and smoking. Did you know research suggests that nicotine may be as addictive as heroin or cocaine!

So Why Should You Quit Smoking?

  • Quit for Your Health. Tobacco smoke contains more than 7,000 chemicals! Hundreds of these chemicals are toxic and nearly 70 can cause cancer! So we know smoking not only causes cancer, but also causes heart disease, stroke, lung disease, and death.
  • Quit for Your Appearance. Quitting smoking can improve your looks. When you quit smoking:
    • Your breath won’t stink.
    • Your teeth will get whiter.
    • Your clothes and hair will smell better—yes, your clothes and hair smell like smoke.
    • Your fingers and fingernails will no longer have a yellow tint to them.
    • Less wrinkles!

FAU’s campus is going smoke-free starting January 1st, so now is a great time to quit smoking. Smoking Cessation Groups are offered FREE of charge through Owls Care Health Promotion. Groups meet once a week for six weeks – nicotine replacement therapy provided for those enrolled. Groups are offered on an ongoing basis throughout the academic year.

Contact 561-297-1048 or for more information.



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