Going Home for the First Time Since You Left For College

Your first semester in college is almost over, and now you may be going home for the first time since you left for college. When you left for college, it was really exciting!  You tested your new found freedom, maybe you went to one of those 9am tailgates (Go Owls!), maybe you had your first roommate other than your brother or sister, maybe you joined a fraternity or sorority, maybe you made new friends or even met your boyfriend/girlfriend.

So, now, you’re headed home. Whether you love being at college or you’re stressing about picking your major, one thing is for sure, the few months you’ve spent away and all the new experiences you have had really matures a person.

You may not have noticed that you have grown up while you have been in college because you’ve been having so much fun, but when you go home for Thanksgiving, you may notice a huge difference. Being home with your family and friends emphasizes the growth you’ve experienced in the past few months away from home.

When you get home, you may suddenly have a curfew, responsibilities such as babysitting your brother/sister, or maybe you now have chores even though you don’t live there anymore.

Some things need to be talked about prior to heading home. So start the conversation about your expectations before your parent’s old expectations clash with the new you.

Also when you get home, your friends you grew up with may be planning on getting together. When you arrive, it may be a lot different than what you remember. Think about how much you have changed in the past few months since starting college. Maybe you were once quiet and shy, but you joined a sorority and have 40 sorority sisters, and now you are very outgoing and talkative. Maybe one of your classes on political science piqued your interest, and now all you want to talk about is current events, when your friends just want to talk about sports.

So when you go home for Thanksgiving this week, expect this time to be different with family and friends. You are now in a new stage of your life. Enjoy it, and be patient with family and friends as they adjust to your new life as a college student and the new you.


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