Keep Calm and Pass Your Finals

Ever sit in front of a test and completely forget what the test was even on? Well, that’s test anxiety. Tests can be so stressful that the stress of taking a test actually impairs your memory. Now, we all know that tests can be really stressful, even for the student that has attended every class, took detailed notes, and spent the last month preparing for the final. But did you know that test anxiety can have a negative effect on how well you actually do on the test?

So here is the trick, if you can manage test anxiety, you can get through finals with success.

Here are three important tips on how to manage test anxiety:

Make Sure You Get Enough Sleep
It can be hard getting enough sleep during finals week because you may be up all night studying for the test. If you get less than 6 hours of sleep, you haven’t gotten enough sleep (technically speaking it’s a sleep deficiency). If you lack sleep, you won’t be as mentally sharp as you know you can be. So why does this matter? Because it affects your performance on the test! Even if you missed those hours sleeping because you were studying, it still affects performance.

So “pulling an all nighter” is one of the worst things you can do. Aim to get more than 6 hours of sleep each night up until the day of the test. If you can’t sleep because of stress, try limiting your caffeine.

If nothing is working, try progressive muscle relaxation or stop by Owls Care Health Promotion and pick up some free aromatherapy rice bags to help you relax.

Learn How To Study

Has anyone ever taught you how to study? Probably not. But this is such an important skill for your success. When you study, know what works best for you. If you can’t study around friends, then don’t study with friends. If you need a week to study, use the whole week. If you need tutoring, check out FAU’s Center for Learning and Tutoring.

We are offering a great opportunity to kick-off finals success week with Up Owl Night on December 3rd in FAU’s Student union. There will be tutoring, study breaks with free food to keep yourself well-nourished, discussions on how to manage test anxiety, and relaxation classes (i.e., yoga, crafts, relaxation breaks).

Keep Calm and Pass Your Exam

Stress can impair your memory, so you need to keep calm during a test. This can be really hard to do if you didn’t get enough time to study over Thanksgiving break. Here is a great stress relief breathing exercise that can help you keep calm during a test. Basically, take deep breaths (try 5 seconds), push out your belly, and let the stress come out with your exhales. So when you are in front of the test and you feel stress creeping up on you, try the breathing exercise. This is one of the best techniques during finals because you can do it anyway and it works very quickly.


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