What No One Tells You About Stress

81.6% of FAU Students Said They Were Overwhelmed By All They Had To Do

We all know that college is stressful. If it’s not mid-terms, it’s finals. If it’s not pressure to pick a major, it’s pressure to graduate. You’re not alone, did you know that 81.6% of FAU students said they were overwhelmed by all they had to do. Now we know that chronic stress can have intense effects on your body, such as frequent sickness/illness, anxiety or depression, and even difficulty remembering information for an exam.

So how about learning how to stress less?

Yes, it’s possible!

Biofeedback is a great tool to change your stress level by being mindful about how your body responds to stressors…like that mid-term that is right around the corner.

During a biofeedback session you will practice relaxation techniques while sensors on your hands or on your ear will measure your physiological responses to relaxation techniques. What’s cool about biofeedback is that you will actually be able to see your stress level on a computer screen, and you will literally be able to see your stress level decrease.

One series of biofeedback sessions can teach you a great set of skills that you can use throughout your life. Reducing stress cannot only have a positive effect on your mood, but also your academic performance—that means higher grades on exams and projects!

So if you’re interested in a biofeedback session, contact us and we will schedule a session at one of our campuses: wellness@fau.edu or 561-297-1048


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