Not at OUR University


On Tuesday, August 18th, Owls Care Health Promotion, Counseling & Psychological Services, and the LGBTQA Resource Center hosted “Not at OUR University”. Students who attended the event learned valuable information on the topics of Consent, Bystander Intervention, Dating Violence, and Intimate Partner Violence. Students also had the opportunity to take a photo holding a sign stating how they were going to be an ethical bystander here at FAU. The event aspired to help create a culture of consent here at FAU, and sought to empower students to take a stand if they ever witness a troublesome situation. We want you to give a “hoot” about your fellow students!
If students visited all of the available stations, they were able to turn in their “passport” for a free t-shirt. No doubt that you’ve seen one of the teal “Owls Against Sexual Assault” tees around campus. They sure do stand out.

A big thank you to the nearly 100 students who attended the event! “Not at OUR University” will be hosted soon on both the Davie and Jupiter campuses.


For those on the Boca campus, keep a look out for our “Breakfast on the Go” on Thursday, September 2nd at 8:30 am outside of the Wimberly Library. Grab a healthy breakfast (or a snack, for those who save the treats for later) before a full day of class!


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