Celebrating Consent


All FAU students know the importance of consent. (Remember the Consent Tea video from orientation?)

Asking a partner for consent is the most effective way to prevent sexual assault. But did you know that communicating with a partner about consent has other benefits for sexual health?

  • Consent allows for mutually meaningful experiences where all parties feel satisfied and fulfilled.
  • When we consent we are respectful of needs and boundaries. Communicating about consent helps partners to build trust with each other. Your partner is more likely to come back for future sexy time if you’ve established a safe environment.
  • Partners who talk about consent are also more likely to discuss ways to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy, STIs, and HIV. You can attend a workshop or request an individual consultation to learn more about the options available for you and your partner.
  • Consent challenges sexual objectification by appreciating others as people rather than treating them like things that we are “doing something to” or “getting something from.”
  • Talking about consent can make you a more confident lover. When you are actively receiving consent from your partner you can feel assured they are genuinely enjoying the activities that are taking place. Knowing that you are satisfying your partner boosts self-esteem. It also feels empowering to express your own wants and boundaries.
  • Conversations about consent foster sexual exploration. Your partner may have fantasies or desires that you haven’t considered. Consent can be an adventure!


The Owls Care Leaders are now offering a 50-minute workshop on affirmative consent! Students who attend will learn how to ask, identify, and give (or refuse) consent. Volunteers will have the opportunity to practice these skills in an educational role-play game, with the chance to win a prize!

Owls Care Health Promotion offers events on a variety of other topic areas!


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