One University. Multiple Campuses!

Condom Corner at Jupiter

Condom Corner at Jupiter

This year has been extremely exciting for Owls Care Health Promotion. Not only have we doubled the size of our staff but we also have began regularly operating on several of Florida Atlantic University’s campuses. Two staff members are present at least twice a week on both Jupiter and Davie campuses offering students, who make those sites their campus of choice, full access to the health information, health education, resources, and tools available at the main Boca campus.

This is a very exciting time for Owls Care Health Promotion to highlight the fact that while FAU has many campuses we are still ONE university. Owls Care Health Promotion prides ourselves in offering students all of the health promotion materials and resources that they need to be successful and healthy no matter what campus they are on. Students attending classes on the Jupiter and Davie campuses can look forward to the same programming that is offered on the Boca campus throughout the semester.

Some of the events that have already taken place in Jupiter include: Relaxation Station (stress management), Not At OUR University (sexual assault prevention), and Let’s Owl Be Well (healthy lifestyle balance). Likewise, events that have taken place in Davie include: Let’s Owl Be Well, Not At OUR University, and Nutrition Break (healthy snacks on the go). We are excited to not only continue programming on each of our campuses but to build new and unique programs that encompass the spirit of each campus as well as the overall FAU spirit.

Interested in knowing what event is coming up next on your campus? Check out our website where we have a calendar of events that includes all events and what campus they will take place on!


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