Owls Care Leaders: Health Promotion Superstars!

OwlsCareLeadersGroupIt is a well-known fact that peers play a significant role in an undergraduate student’s growth and development during their college years. Owls Care Leaders play an essential role in furthering the mission and purpose of Owls Care. They are the superstars in our office as they build and promote a healthy and caring campus.

Owls Care Leaders have a number of roles in Owls Care Health Promotion including practicing strong communication skills through presentations and breezeway programming. Recently our OCLs have been covering topics such as time management, alcohol poisoning, consent, and bystander intervention.

The bystander intervention workshop conducted by the Owls Care Leaders is open to all students! In this training Owls Care Leaders focus on teaching students how to care for others. Throughout this training, students learn what a bystander is. Students are given knowledge on the bystander effect and what psychologists have discovered about this phenomenon. Students are also given tools and information on how to become ethical bystanders. For those on the Boca Campus, stay on the look out for our Wellness Hoot on the breezeway and at the student union throughout the week.

If you are interested in becoming an Owls Care Leader on the Davie campus, click here and complete an application! Positions are available now!


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