Make Good Choices!

On Tuesday, September 16th, over 75 FAU students participated in a sexual health event entitled “Make Good Choices”. Hosted in Traditions Plaza by Owls Care Health Promotion, the event allowed students to explore the many options for staying safe.

Activities included an Abstinence checklist, where students decided if engaging in certain behaviors would be included in their personal definitions of abstinence. They were asked questions regarding the frequency of STD testing, and were able to demonstrate how to properly use either an internal or external condom, or a dental dam.

The last activity was our Pleasure Pizza, based off a popular TED talk by the sex educator Al Vernacchio. Participants had the chance to top their “pizza” with behaviors that they would include in their sexual repertoire. They were encouraged to take a “pleasure menu” with them as they left the station, to emphasize that there is no one way to engage in sexual activity with their partners.

Students who completed all stations and an evaluation were given a free t-shirt, encouraging the practice of safer sex (however one defines it).

If you missed out, Owls Care has plenty of events coming up, including Breakfast on the Go on Thursday, October 1st, The White Ribbon Campaign on October 13th, and Sex Signals on October 16th.


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