Tips for the Week


Owls Care Health Promotion is excited to announce the restructure of its blog space as a tool students can use to gather healthy tips for the week. Tips will be posted throughout the week and will be based on one of the five content areas covered by Owls Care. This means that students can look forward to tips each week regarding sexual health, alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs, interpersonal violence prevention, healthy lifestyle, and mental and emotional well-being. These tips are meant to be reminders for students to continue striving to be healthy owls. Our first tip: check back each week to see what new tip you can use to enhance your overall well-being as a student here at FAU!


One thought on “Tips for the Week

  1. Hey,
    First time read your article. and I like you great tips for health, Thank to knowledge for FAU.I follow you tips and I will share you health tips to my friend.Thanks a lot for sharing this article with an online community.
    With Regards,
    Smith Martin.


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