Owls Care Health Promotion

The mission of Owls Care Health Promotion is to provide wellness education, support, and resources to students and the Florida Atlantic community. Owls Care supports student success by helping students care for themselves, others, and the university community while encouraging discovery and lifelong learning in a healthy and inclusive environment. Owls Care implements creative, student centered activities, and collaborates with interdisciplinary partners in health and wellness. Owls Care works to prevent campus population-level health problems in many areas including: stress management, nutrition and healthy eating, substance abuse prevention, sexual assault prevention, sexual health, HIV/AIDS awareness, self-esteem, healthy relationships, and bystander intervention training.

Owls Care Health Promotion will create a culture of caring and health initiatives (in concert with the Healthy Campus 2020) at Florida Atlantic University by providing current and relevant wellness information and resources to promote healthy lifestyle choices. Students receiving wellness resources and support enhance health for themselves, others, and the university community. This will directly increase opportunities for students’ academic and personal success as well as the resiliency and functioning of our university community.
Our core values:

  • Recognize student needs and provide appropriate support
  • Provide relevant and accurate educational information
  • Empowering students and supporting self-efficacy to make healthy life choices
  • Provide an environment which is open, non-judgmental, inclusive and supportive


Our office is located in SS-8 Room 222, above the food court in the Breezeway.


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